What does it sound like I did to my tailbone?

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Last night I bent over and turned the wrong way and hurt my tailbone. Today the pain is going down my leg a little and feel worse when I sit and lay on my back. Earlier when I was laying on my back I felt a heated up feeling, is this normal for a strain and if isn’t a strain what could it be?

Do you think this will get better on its own?

2 Answers

  • i dont know but see a chiropractor before you try a doctor

  • This sounds like a pinched sciatic nerve. First, take OTC pain reliever at the recommended dose, and when something makes it flare up, stop doing that something, whether it’s a movement or a position you’re sitting or standing in.

    It should get better on its own, but there are poses and stretches you can do to get some relief. See them here: https://www.healthline.com/health/back-pain/sciati…

    If I’m wrong and it’s not your sciatic nerve, those poses and stretches shouldn’t do any harm. You would, of course, stop if something caused increased pain, like any sensible person, right?

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