What does itachi whisper to sasuke before he dies?

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I know that right before Itachi dies he whispers something to Sasuke but it isnt voiced or translated. Is there an episode where it does a flashback kinda thing (or anything) and actually has him saying it? I thought there was but I cannot find it.

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  • Yeah, there is an episode that explain this…He said “Sorry Sasuke but there won’t be a next time.” (some translations its “this is the last time”)

    When Itachi and Sasuke were kids Sasuke would always ask Itachi for help with his ninja skills. Itachi would say he can’t or he’s too busy. Then Itachi would poke Sasuke in the forehead and say “Sorry Sasuke. Maybe next time.”

    EDIT: This is the chapter that has the flashback.


  • Itachi Last Words

  • he tells sasuke :”im sorry sasuke, there is merely no longer a next time” like he did while they have been sons and daughters, and sasuke would pester him, the Itachi dies. Itachi isn’t evil, in case you probably did no longer understand, unhappy, huh? that is each and all the spoilers i will provide you so i will’t destroy it for ya!

  • There is an episode or chapter where it does reveal what he said but I don’t remember where……But I don’t think you should worry about it because I remember it wasn’t important or anything……

    edit: “Sorry Sasuke…..this is the last time…”

    now I remember =P

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