what does “jeling” means in english?

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but stare kan mean tenung lama the not happy kind at someone

jeling is like the roll eye thing evil eye thing..giving the side eye thing.to someone you dont like

like some girls like to ‘jeling’ at other girls . what is it called in english?

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  • u sure this word exists?

  • Ogle Meaning In English

  • There is no word “jeling” in the english language. It looks to be an Asian word.

  • to look at some one and get attention back from that person.

    its not an english word

  • Ogle

    Source(s): maybe, i donno
  • I think you mean ‘jelling’, which is another way to write ‘gelling’. Gel is like firm jelly, and if something is gelling, it means that it is getting firmer (if it’s a soup or jelly), or that it’s taking shape nicely (if it’s a plan). If it’s people, it means that they’re getting along well.

  • it means stare just like what Lazarus says.. it is a Malay word for those who doesnt know..

  • I go with glance or looking from the corner of your eyes.

  • jeling: ogle flirtatiously

    jelingan: a glance through the corner of the eye

    menjeling: to ogle flirtatiously; to look through the corner of the eye

    Source(s): bhanot dictionary
    ogle, not ogre ok?! :p
  • i’m a filipino… for most of young filipinos, “jeling” means “jealous”…

  • glimpse


    coup d’oeil

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