what does “kabab mein haddi” mean?

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My friend from India told me tonight that this means “don’t come between a person and their love” in english translation?

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  • ahahha, yeh it means, “dont come between two people” cause you’ll be like the “odd man out”

    your not required in such a situation

    Imagine: your friend is going out with her boyfriend for a candle light dinner, & its such a great moment for the 2 of them alone, but you INSIST on going along with them, your not required there.”

    thats when someone would call you a “kabab mein haddi”

    the literal meaning is “kabab- which is “meat” ; haddi mean “bone”

    so while your relishing your meat, suddenly an annoying bone comes in the way!!

    hehe so thats where the phrase comes from!!

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    what does “kabab mein haddi” mean?

    My friend from India told me tonight that this means “don’t come between a person and their love” in english translation?

  • The other answerers have given you the real goods, but it might be fun to compare your firend’s use of the expression with the first time I heard it used.

    I was at an outdoorconcert with a young Indian gentleman, then single and still very much the *alert* bachelor, and we were sitting near an *interesting* young lady. I think we traded some pleasantries about that. He did not try to speak with her or get friendly, because her mother was sitting right there with her, or as my friend put it, ‘…par kabaab meiN haDDii’ (‘I’d like to, but there’s a fly in the ointment’).

  • “kabab mein haddi” means that when you are interfering in anybody’s work that is almost completed. That’s a saying in HINDI in INDIA and PAKISTAN.

  • actually in english it means…….some third person interfering in the two men Business….or u can also take this saying as……the entrance of villain in between the romance of hero and heroine…….and if u really want the translation of it then it becomes as………bone in between the kabab……kabab is a bone less meat item and what will u call the item after the entrance of bone…….??? would it stay like a real kabab…????? it’s just like that….

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  • An unwanted third person. Literally, it means a bone in a kebab.

  • It means to interfer or to ᴘᴇᴇp in someone elses life rather than minding ur own business..

  • The sentence means – Some one meddling or interfering into others work.

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