What does “Love don’t love nobody,” mean?

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Ooo, a variety of answers. Ok, I’m understanding better now.

P.S. young old man- I’m wondering if the double negative is supposed to mean something. Why does this quote use improper grammar? Is it intentionally supposed to make a positive, or is it just slang (because saying “love doesn’t love anybody” might sound funny)? I don’t know… And you spelled “which’ as “witch” ^_^ lol

Thanks everyone

6 Answers

  • It means that “love”doesn’t discriminate.It can&does make everyone miserable at some point !

  • Love pains everyone somehow no matter what their love situation is! Even in overall happiness love can be painful sometimes!

    Missing the lost love, longing for your love’s swift return, dealing with its loss of self control, longing for a new love or the unresponded love, fearing its loss, doubting during its weakness… etc

  • It’s simple a statement to let u know that the concept of “love” loves no one – you must take it from your heart to your head and get involved – don’t be in “love” for the sake of “Love” – it will get u no where!

  • Well ” Love don’t love nobody … then it does love some body !!! ( check your statement a bit closer , you have two negatives witch will give you a positive )

  • Love cannot love without love. If One doesn’t have love, how would One love anybody? One simply can’t.

  • Love itself is an emotion that we behold and bestow on others. Love is as incapable of loving as much as your computer monitor is…

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