What does “machine wash cold with like colors mean”?

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what is like colors? please help. thanks

whats the difference between, machine wash cold, and machine wash cold with like colours?

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  • You asked, “whats the difference between, machine wash cold, and machine wash cold with like colours?”

    “Machine wash cold” means you can wash it in a washing machine in cold water.

    “Machine wash cold with like colours” means you can wash it in a washing machine; you should wash it in cold water; and you should wash it with colors which are similar to it.

    IOW — wash whites with whites

    Bright colors with bright colors

    Dark colors with dark colors

    Personally, I wash bright reds and oranges separately from all the above categories, turned inside out, in cold water.

    I turn them right side out when I dry them.

    Hope this helps!

  • I’ve been using something that makes those directions unnecessary. It’s called Shout Color Catcher. They come in 9X5 sheets. You put one in the wash. If you have a large load, or clothes being washed for the first time, you put in 2. You can then mix whites with dark colors, and the colors don’t transfer. It really works.

  • Well it’s like if you are washing something blue you want to make sure they are all blue. But it’s like throwing something red in with white clothes and ending up with a bunch of pink underwear.

  • Some newly clothes has colors that washes in the wash. If washed with like colors it’s hard to see a fade of that color washed in like colors. For example: a red blouse that has a dye in it when wash you see it in the water. Once washing that red color with a non-like color can cause that color to mix in with it.

  • wash whites with whites

    wash darks with darks

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