What does “ME 1one11” mean?

ME 1one11

I so don’t get this puzzle!

It’s a puzzle for my English homework and it’s supposed to mean something. It’s not making fun of anything.

5 Answers

  • It’s a “dingbat” a type of rebus puzzle

    It stands for “Someone’s after me”

    Some “1”s after ME

  • It’s ME !!!! with a typo where you hit 1 instead and the word ‘one’ there is just making fun of the fact that people hit 1 instead of typing ‘!’ a lot on accident.

  • I think you mean me one on one or 1 on 1.

    it means you alone or interacting with a competitive way or some way interacting with one other individual.

    Source(s): wikipedea
  • It sounds like a login name.

  • no lnger want to help

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