What does next week mean?

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Does it mean 7 or 14 days? I was interviewed by a law firm last Wednesday. As of today, i had no news from them. Does it mean I was rejected?

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  • Next week means some time between the coming Monday (or Sunday) and Friday (or Saturday).

    So, for example, if someone says “next week” on a Thursday, they mean some time between 3 and 10 days from then. If they say “next week” on a Friday, they mean some time between 2 and 9 days from then.

  • Next week means Any day next week beginning with next Sunday.

    If it was 14 days or more (up to 21 days) it would be a fortnight.


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  • if htey don’t contact you after 14 days then yes they rejected you. good luck im tying to find a job as well and i now it’s very hard.

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