What does “No pos ta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ” mean in English? I know that it is a slang phrase for Spanish.?

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What does it mean?

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  • im from peru… i think that is a mexican slang because they use a lot of (c̫ѧʙʀoɴ) word

    Its like (no pues esta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ)

    it can be differents meaning depend on the context

    for example

    when you are resolving an exercise and nobody can solve .. so someone says (no pos esta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ) no, it is very hard ( in other cases c̫ѧʙʀoɴ would be rare, dangerous…etc etc )

  • Advice, always give context, especially when it comes to Spanish slang, there are at least 20 countries with Spanish as their official language, each variety has its own idioms and slang, without this we can’t answer you. Please, provide context and the origin of the person who said that.

  • Depends how you say it. If its quiet and all a sudden someone says it slowly. Id could be a general statement towards something like life itself. Kinda like saying “yyyyyup, its hard allright….”

    Usually its referring to something being difficult. “Eso esta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ wey” thats fricken hard dude….

  • When a situation is being a bish. If somebody asks you how your life is, and you have had ups and downs you would say “no pos ta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ” it’s like saying “it’s been a bish” or when somebody says that they are being kicked out of their house you would be like “no pos ta c̫ѧʙʀoɴ” which would mean “that’s a real bish”

    Source(s): Mexican…I know my stuff 🙂
  • It is used when something is hard, emotionally speaking. Examples: “Hey my parents going to divorce” -No pos ta cabrón”. “There a lot of shootings in Tamaulipas” -No pos ta cabrón.

    Excuse me if I write some wrong.

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