what does orrita mean in spanish?

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is it standard or slang?

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  • Hey WB!!!

    well there are a lot of answers correct, “ahorita” means “now” however in Mexico all the time we say that, but we say it whan we don’t want do the things f/e:

    Mamá: María, ¡ve con tu hermano!

    María: sí, ahorita voy

    ____20 min. más tarde…

    Mamá: ¡ya es tarde! (enojada)

    Mom: María, go with your brother!

    María: yes, “ahorita”

    _______20 min later

    Mom: It’s really late! (angry)

    You can use it for wating for a little time, et literality “ahorita” is not “rigth now” only if you say ¡ahora! of course it’s now!

    Remember it’s just in Mexico!

    Source(s): I am mexican
  • Well, “orrita” is not a word is spanish but actually is a little similar to some words in spanish, so could be ahorita, or maybe irrita, or maybe horita. “ahorita” means in a while in some countries, but in Mexico means right now!, “irrita” is when someone gets angry, annoyed or something is bothering you. “horita” actually doesn’t make sense in english: means little hour, in Mexico is the same as “ahorita”.

    And “ahorita” is a kind of slang in spanish, the formal way to say “ahorita” is “espere/espera un momento”, “irrita” is not a slang and is a common word, “horita” is a word used by some spanish speakers in Mexico, and as I said, is the same as “ahorita” so, yes it is a slang.


    Source(s): Native speaker
  • The word is “ahorita”. For some Hispanics, it means “right now”, for some others, it means “in a little while”. For instance, for Mexicans it means “right now”, for Puerto Ricans, it means “in a little while”.

  • It is hardly used in Spain anymore, but I do know that it means “right now” in Mexican Spanish.

  • It’s not a spanish word. Maybe it could be “zorrita”=”fox, *****” or it could be “ahorita”=”in a moment” or sometimes its interpreted as=”right now”.

  • orrita does not exist, you mean ahorita and it means ” RIGHT NOW ”

  • In most countries it means *Later or *Not now.

    But in Mexico it means *Now.

    I know,..kinda weird.

  • Orrita is not a word. Simple as that.

  • right now and its ahorita

  • “orrit”

    ^if u want, you could check at google translater, like i just did 🙂

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