What does “pcm” mean in a house renting ad ? (it concerns the price (i’m french))?

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  • It means (P) per (C) calendar (M)month.

    As you know the year have 52 week, therefore landlords work it out in this simple formula:

    Example £100.00 per week it will cost you a month:

    £100.00 x 52weeks = £5200.00

    £5200.00 : 12months= £433.33per calendar month(PCM)

    I hope this was informative for you.!!

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  • Per Calendar Month

  • Per Calander Month

  • Per Calendar not every 4 weeks.

  • Per calendar month. Means you pay on the same DATE each month. For example – every 15th of the month.

  • pcm means the rent you will pay each month. P per, C calendar, M month.

  • it is the rent you pay Per Callendar Month, 12 payments per year

  • Per calender month

  • p;per c;calendar m;month. The amount you will have to pay each month,usually on a set date.

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