What does “per batim” mean?

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I was reading a statement that included “per batim”, what does “per batim” mean?

10 Answers

  • per batim or “verbatim”.

    The latter means word for word. You add or remove nothing from what a person said

  • Verbatim Means

  • The technical term is “verbatim”, it means using the exact words. Word for word.

  • Define Verbatum

  • Are you sure it wasn’t verbatim? Verbatim means word for word, as in exactly how something was stated.

  • It is verbatim, which means “word for word” or exact quote.

  • verbatim means word for word.

  • Ver batim. It means EXACT

  • “verbatim”=precisely, exactly, word-for-word

  • nothing is/was changed

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