what does “Pop a 40 and check your rollies” mean anyways? cryme tyme from WWE uses that phrase, any body know?

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  • I think: open a 40oz beer (40) and check your rolex (rollies) as in to make sure you still have it.

  • Haha I love this question and love Cryme Tyme.

    Pop a 40(40oz Malt Liquor) and check your Rollies(Rolex) ’cause it’s Cryme Tyme!

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  • Pop a 40 ( open a 40oz of beer) Check your rollies ( check the time on your rolex watch).


  • Pop a 40 means pop open a 40 oz. bottle of beer, check your rollies means check your rolex watch…as in check the time, it’s Cryme Tyme..or it could mean check for your watch cause it might get stolen..

  • A 40 is lingo for a 40oz beer. and a Rollie is a Rolex(watch) so I guess they mean to check to see what time it is, or to check and see if your watch has been stolen.

  • i don’t know but think rollies mean money as in rolls of money. as for pop a 40 i think that means a hit somewhere.

  • Open a 40 oz of beer and check your Rolex (watch)

  • Sorry bro, ask cryme tyme….

    nobody knows man

    but i think it says papa 40 and something else

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  • now it says something like its shad and jtg its cryme tyme then starts they got a new entrance

  • well my guess would be a 40 as in 40 oz liquor/beer and rollies…joints?

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