What does PT Sales mean?

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So I’m 18 attending college and I’m looking for jobs. I don’t have any experience but now during the holidays they’re accepting people. I’ve looked online for job applicationa and noticed that some stores say PT sales. Which I think mean Part time sales. But what does a part time sale do, like in fashion stores like forever 21, nordstorm, ann taylor and so on.

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  • Part time sales means that sometimes you do sales, sometimes you do other things like stocking, cashier, or cleaning up.

    If you do not do well during the sales time, then they will not keep you. So you must be good at sales, good with rude and unreasonable customers.

    otherwise, look for something else.

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  • Very unlikely. Car sales is typically a 40+ hr (closer to 60) position. How would you learn the product? How will you keep up with inventory? How are you going to stay current with incentives, bonuses, etc? Are you willing to forgo your commission when the customer comes back to buy & you’re not there? I knew of one example where a college student worked PT (still 30+ hrs, 6 days a week). He worked his way up in the dealership, starting as a Porter. When school wasn’t in session, he put in 40+ hrs. P.S. The dealership went out of business.

  • It means it’s a part time sales position. Can’t really be much clearer than that. You will be a salesperson. You will work part time only.

  • part time

    means you will get “scheduled” less than 40 hrs a week so the store does not have to offer you any benefits like health care… you may actually end up working a lot more hrs, but you will be considered a part time employee working over time

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