What does Put the Peanut in the Peanut hole mean?

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I was watching the episode of My wife and kids where kindergarten class was putting on a play. Jay takes over and she’s auditioning people to be romeo. A boy comes on and tells the joke: put the peanut in the peanut hole.

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  • Hey Derek,

    Just finished watching the same episode.. was wondering the same thing until the very end when michael figured it out lol!!! basically its sex for dummies

    gotta love that show:)

    hope i answered your question!!!


  • It means, put the peanut in the hole where the squirrel lives because the squirrel is to lazy to come out of it because he’s been living with his mom and he’s 4 years old already!

    But you continue to feed it peanuts so it has no other reason to leave.

    It’s like giving 200 bucks a week to that 40 year old basement guy.

    But the kid on the show meant it so that it won’t matter because Jay is a she and since living with your mom apparently at an old age only applies to males it won’t matter if she gets 200 bucks a week, she will only get richer.

  • I did not konw myself until now you put the peanut (penis) in the peanut hole (vagina) AKA sex for dummies

  • when i saw the header, i assumed it was just baby talk..now, after reading the question fully, i’m certain of it.

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