What does “quality” mean when referring to a refrigerant?

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  • Quality could be referring to the degree of saturation of the refrigerant vapor in much the same way steam quality is defined.


    It can also refer to the composition of the refrigerant relative to its specified composition. Refrigerants are not typically 100% pure but rather tolerate a certain amount of contaminants that exist because of the manufacturing process.

  • Quality Of Refrigerant

  • Quality means mass-based vapor fraction of 2-phase liquid-vapor mixture.

    The origin of it comes from use in steam power production. We want high quality steam to exit the turbine so that water droplets do not erode the blades. This concept is used for any fluid in a boiling/condensing phase change.

  • I recalled working with this in my thermodynamics class, so I oƿє-ṅєd up my old text book. Here’s a quote:

    “During a vaporizing process, a substance exists as part liquid and part vapor. That is, it is a mixture of saturated liquid and saturated vapor. To analyze this mixture properly, we need to know the proportions of the liquid and vapor phases of the mixture. This is done by defining a property called the quality X as the ration of the mass of vapor to the total mass of the mixture: x= (mass of vapor) / (total mass)”

    So if you know you have 10 grams of refrigerant, and you can see that 1 gram of it is liquid, then your quality is 0.9.

    Source(s): Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, by Yunus A Cengel and Robert H Turner
  • purity, or cleanliness.

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