What does quivole mean in Spanish?

8 Answers

  • It is Spanish slang, and spelled different ways (google it and you’ll see):





    Besides meaning, “what’s up?” it can also be used as a simple salutation such as, “howdy!”

  • That is not a Spanish word are it means quibble

    that is not a word

  • What ‘s up? What is going on?

    But it is slang in Mexico and other countries, not proper spanish.

  • It is a slang word used by some to mean “what’s up”

  • I dont have an idea what that word means.

    Source(s): I speak spanish
  • Whats up?

  • Quibole!! it means what up?

  • “hi” or What’s up

    Source(s): I speak fluent Spanis although this work is “slang”

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