What does S.C.A.V.A. mean?

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One of the bonus tracks for Hollywood Undead’s new American Tragedy album is titled S.C.A.V.A. What does the title of the track mean?

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  • South Carolina Association for Volunteer Administration?

  • Super California Association of Vague Answers

  • Satan’s Children Are Very Afraid

  • I’v been a hollywood undead fan since the beginning, SCAVA is about the daughters of Danny and J3T

    SC is for scarlet Danny’s daughter and AVA is J3T’s daughter who’s name is actually Ava

  • there’s been speculation that it stands for, Johnny 3 Tears’ daughter scarlett and danny’s daughter Ava, but that doesnt explain why there are periods in between as if it were an acronym

  • Hollywood Undead’s song called Scava looks to mean a gold digger.

  • S**nks





    That sounds about right

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