what does sacame la leche mean?

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my friend said he’s still trying to get her to sacame la leche but idk what it means… and he wont tell me

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  • It means to make him cúm….

    Because the verb sacar has me at the end, it means it’s being done to him and la leche in Spanish slang means sᴇмᴇɴ.

    Sacar = to take out

  • sacar is the verb to get. la leche is the milk [feminine]. me [pronounced with open e as in egg] is me in English.

    Hence the sentence: sacame la leche.

    Source(s): Spanish lessons
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  • It’s a spanish command saying “get me the milk”

  • Get the milk out or milk someone/something.

  • alcanzame, dame, tomame, agarrame, saca la leche por mi, del verbo ayudar……. : ) give me the milk, reach the milk for me, get me the milk, pull out the milk……: )

  • lol… get the milk out

  • remove, from me, the milk…

    im guessing that its a dirty thought…

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