What does “sale” mean in spanish?

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I have a Mexican friend and after some things I write online, he’ll sometimes write “sale.” Is this like saying “ok”?

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  • yes it sort of is it could be like





    “come out”


    hope it helps

  • “sale”, is a colloquial form. It means “ok”, “alright”, even “let´s do it”. I remember some mexican TV series, when kids said “sale y vale” meaning “okidokie”.

    And this is for SUE, I think peninsular spanish “vale” is more a form to say goodbye, not ok. In latinoamerican spanish, sale and vale (used colloquially) have almost the same meaning, but “sale” is the most used.

    Sale is from “salir” to leave

    Vale is from “valer” to be worth or to cost

  • ok, all of you people who said Sale means ok. Where are you getting that?

    Sale means he/she/it/ Ud. leaves.

    With an accent on the e it meand I left, not the command for you leave!

    And VALE means ok, unless something has changed since last June, or there’s something in Latin America that I don’t know about.

    My focus has always been Peninsular Spanish, so if there’s something latino/colloquial, I might have missed it.

  • Sale means leave.

  • sale literally means “it goes out” but when used improperly, like talking to a friend, it means “ok”

  • yes that what it means for mexicans

  • yes, it is like saying “ok”, or “alright”

    actually, it’s even used in questions as reassurance.

    Vamos al cine, ¿sale? “let’s go to the movies, alright?”

    Source(s): native Spanish speaker
  • He can be saying “sal” which mean “to go out”

    Sale means the same thing, but it’s the action/verb.

  • is an idiomatic expresion for mexicans meaning he is agreeing with whtever you suggest is ok with him

  • Er, no, it’s not like “ok”, it actually means “he/she/you (polite form) are going out?” or, are you/he/she going out?, OR, if used in the imperative form, it means “go out!”.

    Maybe your friend means to write “vale”??? Because that DOES mean “ok”.


  • i actually dont know, but heres a site to help you with spelling and stuff


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