What does that MW badge or sticker on some cars mean?

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Car decal, car badge, car bumper sticker with MW on it

It’s not really a sticker, more like a badge. it’s silver and round, there’s an M and a W below it i believe. or the W is next to the M i’m not quite sure.

It’s round, and the letters are silver and the outter edge is black, there’s an M and a W, it’s more like a badge or an emblem then a sticker

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  • Many times they signify a city close to you or in an adjacent state. Is it White with black letter?

    In CA, I’ve seen many that said, “PB”, “OB”, etc… (pacific beach, ocean beach)

    Trendy if not obnoxious. They are usually for more ‘upscale’ towns’.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen “SC” for South Central LA, although it is valid for “San Clemente”

  • Mw Bumper Sticker

  • Motor Werks dealership logo


    Source(s): http://www.motorwerks.com/index.htm
  • is this how it looks?


    because thats the logo for MV motorcycles.

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