what does the acronym NCTC stand for when charged with a DUI? DUI NCTC?

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  • Non-Cooperative Target Classification, meaning that person did not obey or follow directions of the Officer.

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    what does the acronym NCTC stand for when charged with a DUI? DUI NCTC?

  • No they can’t. They should have tested you immediately and even then you can say you had a drink after you walked home. You didn’t leave an open bottle in the truck did you? That could be a cause for the police to act the way they did. I’m curious, how did you wreck the truck? Adding this. I read some of the other answers and it’s sad that some people have convicted you without any information. Nowhere do I read that you said you were drinking or not. But some answers have you in need of AA, a threat to society, good thing you didn’t kill any one. Hey from what I read it was a one car accident and ignorant cops trying to bully you. May be they are the ones with the accusatory answers.

  • The NCTC in DUI means Non-Cooperative Target Classification. It means the driver was not obeying the officers orders.

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    First of all… to many who answered this question and said “you shouldn’t have been drinking and driving… etc”… You never stated in your question that you had been drinking or that you were drunk. The police are blowing smoke my friend! They could probably get you for leaving the scene of an accident… but you had to go somewhere to contact a tow truck and the police if you live in an unpopulated area. Bottom line, if they were going to charge you with DUI… you’d already have the ticket in your hand!

  • It means stay off the road until you grow up.

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