What does the Japanese name Kirara mean?

I read somewhere that it means “eternal shining distance” but I’m not sure if that’s right. It’s going to be the name of a character in my book so I’d like to know the meaning. Thanks.

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  • Any Japanese name can have several meanings depending on what kanji, if any, are used in it. In fact, there are at leas 100 different versions of Kirara. Might be better to think about what kind of meaning you want and then look for names that fit it (by hunting down relevant kanji) if the meaning is that important to your story, or to not worry about what Kirara means if the meaning doesn’t matter.

  • As Aya says it depends what kanji is used.

    But at least the word (or onomatopoeia) “kira” means sparkle/shine, so most of the Japanese speakers would think the name is related to shining or sparkle.

    Source(s): native speaker
  • Since this is human name, there will be so many options. But “kirara” as existent word means mica, a kind of mineral. And it’s written 雲母. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mica

    Source(s): japanese

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