what does the japanese phrase ‘chotto dake’ mean?

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i am talking to a good friend from japan and i need to know a few phrases…i mean..i am japanese and all but..i only lived there whn i was young…. also what does ‘sugoi, yoku shaberemasune’ mean”?

3 Answers

  • chotto dake

    => just a little bit or for a brief moment


    => wonderful, super, awesome, etc.

    yoku shaberemasune

    => you speak very well (or too much).

    Source(s): Native Japanese speaker
  • Chotto Dake Means ‘Just A Minute’

    Sugoi Means ‘Cool/Awesome’

    and I don’t Know What The Last One Means.

  • Only a little

    Great, we can talk often, right?

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