What does the Japanese “sumanakatta” mean?

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Isn’t it suppose to be more meaningful than “gomen” or something like that? Are there specific people or situations “sumanakatta” is usually used for?

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  • “Sumanakatta” basically equals “gomen” or “sumimasen,” and translated as “I’m sorry.”

    It is used for specific people or situations, however, as you say.

    A boss to his staff member, a teacher to his students, a husband to his wife, a father to his children

    Basically, men who are in a higher position use it.

    They confess what they did and beg forgiveness.

    Source(s): I”m a native speaker of Japanese.
  • ごめん(gomen) is used among friends or friemdly people.

    すまなかった(sumanakatta) is often used by men, especially old men among friendly people.


    I think actually, we Japanese,especially young people hardly use it.

    I’m sorry my English skill is poor.

    I hope my answer helps you.

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