What does the line “I’ll be love suicide” mean?

It’s from the Edwin McCain song “I’ll Be”.

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  • love is pretty much suicide. it’s just completely putting your self on the line…….

    Love suicide =’s being the girls friend. Any guy will tell you that being a girls “crying shoulder” also means you have no chance with her romantically.

    There are strong hints that the singer was suicial and the girl somehow helped him overcome his depression. His use of the word “hang” is one indicator of this. Another is when he says that the girls words helped “bring him back from the dead.”

    Despite the “lovey-dovey” sound, this song is actually quite somber and reflects a man accepting a girl as a friend despite how much he cares for her on a deeper level.

  • The song is not about Edwin McCain at all. He was inspired by a guy trying to hit on a woman in a bar. She finally gave into his pursuance and started opening up about how “rough” her love life has been. The guy responded, “Oh, baby! I’ll be your crying shoulder!” I suppose he dug into his own experiences to write the rest of the song but it was inspired by someone else’s situation…as most of his music is.

    Love Suicide is when you feel so strongly for a person that you sacrifice the chance of being with them on the level YOU want, so that you can be there for them the way they NEED! It’s caring about them so much that you put their needs before your own. That’s what Love really is.

  • I’m not sure where hopes ‘n’ fears is getting his take on the lyrics, but I don’t get that at all. Especially with the line that clearly says “we” lie awake in my bed. Doesn’t seems something just friends would be doing.

    If anything, all the lyrics point to a man who clearly thought himself emotionally dead at some point. This woman in his life has brought him back from that, reminded him that he can in fact love and feel and be in a relationship. He seems so grateful for this he’s vowing to be anything and everything she needs. “Hang from your lips” does not, to me, speak to death or suicide, but to “hang” on her every word. The whole chorus to me seems an entreaty to her for confirmation that she feels the same. “Tell me, we belong together, dress it up with all the trappings of love.” He is essentially begging her to say it’s not a one sided connection. The first lines of the song hint that she’s hard to read, saying her eyes never reveal their depths, which make this need for her to say these things to him make sense. The whole song sounds like a vow from him to be the man she needs, comforting her, loving her, essentially worshipping her, if only she’ll put him out his misery and say she feels the same.

    I guess I agree that it’s not a straight forward love song, it’s perspective is from a guy who clearly feels a depth of emotion he previously thought lost to him (you’re my survival, my living proof, my love is alive and not dead), yet unsure if it’s returned and seeking validation.

    Source(s): Life and a lifetime of listening to and dissecting music I love.
  • It plays off of other lines in the song. He is just asking the person not to give up on him.

    “I’ll be captivated, I’ll hang from your lips

    Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above”

    “And you’re my survival, you’re my living proof

    My love is alive, and not dead”

    “And I dropped out, I burned up, I fought my way back from the dead,

    I tuned in, I turned on, remembered the thing that you said.”

    It’s as if he’s saying this he needs this person around and they remind him of that with all they do for him.

    At least that is how my friend and I interpreted the song.

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