What does the phrase “the ties that bind” mean?

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  • it means the bonds in life we have made always have a hold on us your life always makes changes to things around us

  • It is a poetic reference to relationships. Any kind not just marriage. “Ties” is a reference to one or many things that you may have in common with a person or group such as certain interest like sports, music, or shopping trips or politics, work, or love of life and people…any interest that you share with one or more people. “Binds” refers to the feeling of unity that a shared interest or experience can create. So the phrase means “A common interest or experience that can create friendship or love”. But “ties that bind” is a much more poetic way of saying it.

  • The complete phrase I’ve heard is “the ties that binds one, binds us all.” Similar to “no man is an island” and “for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee,” “there are six degrees of separation-” they all mean to some extent that we are inextricably connected, no matter how isolated… for example, if someone steals from a store, a witness to the crime might say, “that has nothing to do with me.” However, because of the loss of income, the owner raises his prices and EVERYONE pays for the theft. It may also point to a single injustice, as it is allowed to continue, it creates an atmosphere for more injustice until the fabric of society is permanently torn. Injustice should be “nipped in the bud.”

  • meaning relationships and situations that “bind” people together- forming lasting relationships

  • Short version: connections that cement


  • the connection between something or somebodies.

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