What does the S stand for in P R N D S L?

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What does the a stand for. The car is a mercedes 450 sl

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  • 2nd gear this means the transmission will not shift past second gear.

    P = park

    R = Reverse

    N = Neutral

    D = Drive (all forward gears)

    S = 2nd gear

    L = Low or first gear only

  • This is an automatic transmission with 3 forward gears. D is drive, S is second and L is low. You really only need to downshift into a lower gear if you are climbing a steep grade or hauling a lot of weight. Most people never use S or L. The transmission will automatically start in L, then shift to S then shift to D. If you shift into S or L manually be careful. The transmission will stay in that gear until you shift into D. This will raise the RPM’s of the engine and you could possibly damage the engine.

  • D uses all gears relevant to the suitable speed. S means (for me) Sport, that makes car shift gear lower for more attack drive, and gears up sooner than the D set. L means low. Car does move low speeds and never gears up.

  • L is LOW or first gear.

    S is SECOND or second gear.

    D is DRIVE which lets the car shift from low to high as it needs.

  • ScienceStampede

  • S gear: SupersonicSpeed CRZing gear.

  • it stands for ѕнι𝓉ty.

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