what does the tag color on a electric meter mean?

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My power in my new apartment was supposed to be turned on monday but it wasn’t. I called in to the electric company and they said that the service should be turned on and to just check the breakers but if that doesn’t work check the tag color on the meter. What does the tag color mean? And what does it have to do with my power coming on?

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  • Call back –

    the electric company –

    and ask them.

    They are the only ones –

    really able –

    to help you –

    to give you –

    the correct information. ♥

  • 1. We use a gray take for a meter turned on.

    2. We use a blue tag for a meter that is turned off.

    3. We use a yellow tag for a meter that never gets turned off (auto-connect)

    4. We use a white tag with a medic logo stamped on it if the customer has given us a doctors notice that this customer has a medical condition and don’t turn off the power even if they don’t pay their bill.

    5. We use a red tag to show a severe hazard could occur if the meter is pulled out with the meter energized.

    All that they are telling you is to check the tag color to identify the status of your meter, and to call them back to find out what that color of that tag tells them. Their answer to you is rather silly on their part. Their computers should be able to clearly tell you the status of your meter. Good Luck

    Source(s): Electric Meter Technician
  • What color tag is put on a meter after it is turned off?

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