What does the UNCM on my reservation contract for my enlistment mean?

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It says that UNCM is my first unit of assignment. Only military people in the military please.

2 Answers

  • It stands for Uncommitted First Assignment. This means that you do not yet have a duty station or unit. If you are active duty, then you normally get your new unit and duty station about 2-3 weeks before you graduate AIT. If you are Guard or Reserve, you should have already gotten a unit while at MEPS.

    Source(s): best military branch: the US Army
  • it means uncommitted. If you had airborne in your contract it would have said uncommitted airborne, meaning you would go to an airborne unit. basically the army will give you an assignment based upon your job (not all jobs can go to all bases), your wish list (pick top three state side and 2 overseas assignments) and the current strength of the units.

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