What does the word “Bissoux” mean?

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I have seen letters with people writing that on the end and then their name as it would replace, ‘sincerly’, ‘your’s truly’, and ect… I tried to look it up but I cant find anything about it. Maybe someone here can figure out this mystery

But then when i try to find a translation from french to english it does not find anything

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  • I ‘d go with fairy if she’s French she ought to know the best ..


    “Bissoux” !!!!and

    all the best..

  • It’s French for “kisses”, informal, but not too intimate, a bit like signing off a letter to a close friend with “Hugs’n’stuff”.

    Hope this helps.

  • In fact, the word is “bisoux”, which is French, and it means kisses. It’s an affectionate term used to end a letter.

    Source(s): French is my mother tongue
  • “Good luck” or “love,” maybe? 🙂

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