what does the word ‘Humnawai’ mean in this sentence wO HumSaFAr THa MaGAr UsS sE HumnAwAi nA THi?

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Please i really want to know but struggling to understand. can anyone explain the meaning of humnawai in urdu or even translate it to English.

Thank u

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  • “Humnawa” is someone who has the same thinking as you. It’s like when you say something, another person says the exact same thing. So “humnawai” describes this likemindedness.

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  • wO HumSaFAr THa MaGAr UsS sE HumnAwAi nA THi?

    he was a travel companion but there was no like mindedness.

    it’s a poem about two people going on their ways, spent time together as friends, but there was no feelings for each other yet they felt they missed someone when they went on their ways forever!

    I just heard it today and it is a very nice poem nicely sung.

  • Hamnawai means same thinking or likemindedness.

    Its real meaning is when two persons speaks or thinks the same words at the same time.

    Anyhow the song has an absolute awesome poetry and an outstanding voice of QB. This is Urdu the best, beautiful and the most respectful language of the world.

    Love and respect from Pakistan.



  • Humnawai is a meeting of the minds, I.e. Soulmate. “He/she was my (life) partner but we were not soul mates.”

  • humnawayee meaning understanding .

  • Humnawa mean sath bolna …….it is also used for Qawal …..Aziz mian qawal aur Humnawa .

  • i jst now heard this song. Its so touching man

  • apna pann

    Source(s): urdu

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