What does “then-boyfriend” mean?

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Is that same as “ex-boyfriend” ?

I can’t find out in my dictionary….

Plz help me out.

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  • It means the same, but with two different implications, for those who are too particular about language.

    ex-boyfriend = It is history now, he used to be, just stating a mere, absolute fact

    “then-boyfriend” = used when we mention him in sorrow and regret. It could also imply an eventful history.

  • Then-boyfriend is for when you are speaking of a time in the past, and the boyfriend/girlfriend at that time is mentioned. This could be because you have furthered the relationship, marriage, or you have broken up and may still be friends, or not. The latter is the most common. You can also say, my boyfriend/girlfriend at the time.

    I was in Paris with my then-girlfriend Chris, when we….

  • It’s the same as ex-boyfriend.

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  • It means boyfriend at the time of…. Ex: Last year my then-boyfriend gave me a necklace for Christmas.

  • It means the boyfriend at the time of when the story or event took place

  • Yes, same as ex-boyfriend.

  • this is what a person would say when they are talking about someone they were dating in the past. it is not someone they are dating now.

    like for example: I went to Cedar Point two years ago. My then-boyfriend, Jeff, went with me.

    This indicates that the person in the sentence is no longer dating Jeff.

  • The then boyfriend is the same as the boyfriend then. Doncha jus luv English?


  • its the same thing


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