what does this quote from moby ᴅιcκ mean?

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“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

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  • It describes Ahab’s intense hatred of Moby ᗪıc̫ҡ. Check these study guides. They should help you with questions about this novel.






  • Sparknotes Moby ᗪıc̫ҡ

  • I can’t really add to the 2nd answer except to say that, of course, the narrator was Ahab and the cause of his hatred Moby ᗪıc̫ҡ the white whale. Ahab was making the point that wherever he went there would be no escape. It is one of the greatest cries of triumph and revenge in literature – Ahab wanted revenge because the white whale mutilated him on a previous whaling trip and now at last he thought he had it. Except of course that he tangled in the lines of the harpoon and went overboard as the whale dived.

  • The narrator is telling the reader about his final moments, and he explains his emotion of anger towards the enemy.

    “To the last i grapple with thee” means that he will fight to the death.

    “From Hell’s heart I stab at the” means he will fight him forever even in hell.

    “For hates sake I spit my last breath at thee” means that he truly despises the enemy and much like the other parts is saying he will fight to the death.

  • No, “whale lines” do no longer consult with “roads” (this is, the word does no longer recommend “the routes on which whales holiday in the time of their migrations via the sea). Whale lines are ropes linked to the harpoons and used for pulling the whale lower back to the deliver after that’s been caught. And a halter is likewise a rope, in specific a noose for placing somebody. So he says that all people is in deadly peril all of the time, yet they regularly do no longer are conscious of it. Cheery guy, that Melville, eh what?

  • whoever thee is, the narrator feels a grudge aginst it – it is the awaiting chace of teh narrator to get bakc to whoever he hates so much

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