What does this quote mean, ‘Loving eyes can never see?’?

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in further detail i’d like to know

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  • It means that if you have a crush on someone then you will not see what she really is (mad, dishonest,etc).You will see her as you want to see her(you would think that she is the most beautiful girl in the world).

    It may also mean that shes using you and again because you have a crush you wouldn’t notice

  • Loving Eyes

  • Pretty much what everyone else has said. When you first fall in love and your emotions are running high, you only see what you want to see and you tend to overlook those things your really should take a good look at. It’s the old cliche. . .Love is blind. Unfortunately, reality sets in and the day to day doldrums of living wash away the protective veil and you say. . . OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING?

  • It most literally means that when a person is in love, they are blinded by their emotions and they can’t see the other person’s flaws. They are unable to concentrate on anything but their feelings, so even if the other person is rude or obnoxious, their flaws cannot be “seen”.

  • it means that when ur in love with someone, u can’t see their faults

    it’s like the quote “the more in love you are, the less sense anything makes.”

    like when u love someone, and even tho u may know what their faults are, you can’t see them personally because u r so in love with them, nothing can make u think badly of them

  • That when we love someone we sometimes don’t see their bad qualities, or we defend them when someone has accused them of wrong doing. Sometimes when people are in love they see the world in rose colored glasses. An example could be a girl who loves her boyfriend that everyone says is a horrible person. But she loves him, so she just believes that what people are telling her are false accusations.

  • One who is so rapped up in love; spirit, soul and body to the point they can t see the obvious warning signs that are in plane sight that he is being played (Loving Eyes Can Never See).

  • I think it means something like, you cant see because you are blinded by love.

  • When one is in love, they are all accepting of a person; faults and good points.

  • people that love you won’t see your minor flaws.

    (and they’d only love you if they could deal with the big ones…)

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