What does this word mean?

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I got a fortune cookie and it said you are the mast of every situation. What does mast mean??? I have no idea plz help!!

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  • It does NOT mean you are problem!

    A mast is a tall vertical spar, sometimes sectioned, that rises from the keel or deck of a sailing vessel to support the sails and the standing and running rigging.

    Basically, the fortune says that you are the SUPPORT in every situation. Every body’s doing their thing while you’re in the middle holding it all together! It’s a positive fortune.

  • It could mean a “mast” like a ship. Like you steer every situation.

  • a mast on a ship is important to the ship (it supports it)

    So it means that you are involved in every situation

  • What Does Mast Mean

  • the mast of the ship CAPTURES wind to have it push it places…

    so you see how life goes and use it to your advantage… like living it to the fullest… even when it gives you lemons.

  • I think it is a “typo”. Your are the master of every situation.

    In other words, you always know what to do in any situation.

  • It means you are the problem/beginging/reason to every situation

  • it means you are the center of attention, or a problem causer

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