what does “through me off” mean?

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is there some kind of on-line idioms dictionary???

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  • What’s the context?

  • I think you might mean “threw me off” ?

    So if I say to someone…”Wow, that kind of threw me off.”

    Depends on the situation it is pertaining to but typically means that something occurred that was not expected and was a bit of a surprise.

  • I think you would spell it “threw me off”. As in to throw a ball, I’ve thrown a ball, I threw a ball.

    It means that your train of thought, or forward progress was halted by some outside influence. As in, “I was trying to concentrate but his singing threw me off.”

    Can’t say for a fact but it is probably an American slang term that would go back to horse riding times. Refering to getting thrown off a horse. Which of course would mess up your current schedule and general since of forward progress.

    Couldn’t find a definitive answer on the origin of this phrase, but that is my very best guess.

  • Threw Me Off

  • Do you mean “throw” me off? I’ve never heard the expressiong “through me off” but “throw me off” is similar to “throw me for a loop”. Basically it means that the action or statement surprised you.

    As for online idioms dictionary, there are a few, but I prefer the urban dictionaries since they also include street slang.

  • Throw Me Off

  • I think it’s a mis-use of words.

    Should be “threw me off”.

  • Do you mean “threw me off”?

    Threw is the past tense of throw; through is a preposition meaning “passing in and out of “.

  • like if sombody is concentrating on writing an essay on the computer and you walk over to them and disturb them or talk about something that has nothing to do with the essay, they might say to you “don’t through me off, i’m busy” or something like that…. it just means that they dont want you to bother them or take their mind off of what they’re doing…

  • “Threw me off” means to catch somebody unprepared.

    The essay questions on that test really threw me off.

  • “throw me off” in British means to give me a BJ

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