what does “too-shay” mean?

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i dont know how to correctly spell this but iv always wanted to know what it means. you pronounce it too-shay. please help me!

thanks =)

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  • I make fun of the French sometimes but “touch’e” is a cool word

  • it is a French word, spelled touche. It means “touch” and comes from fencing. People use it when a point has been made.

    American Heritage Dictionary

    tou·ché (tōō-shā’) interj. Used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or a successful criticism or an effective point in argument.

    [French, from past participle of toucher, to hit or wound in fencing, from Old French touchier, to touch; see touch.]

  • Too Shay

  • TOUCHE (or too-shay) is French for “to touch.” In the sport of fencing, it indicates a hit or touch. Or, it is an expression of acknowledgment to a telling remark , or a reply.

    For instance, if someone says something you highly agree with, just respond, “Touche!”

  • It pretty much means ‘You got me there buddy’ you are right and I know it. MJ23 says it better.

  • it’s spelled touche

  • “touché” — kinda like a cosmopolitan way to say “back atcha”

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