What does TR stands for in my college program transcript?

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on my program transcript for college, it says TR on the credit column. what does it mean because it didn’t explain it.

yes i took those classes somewhere else, but howcome there is no grade that appear on it? it shows my credits but not my garde.

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  • It’s an abbreviation for transfer. For transfer credits, you don’t get a grade, you just get the credit.

  • Sfu Transcript

  • TR means Transcript of Records from the school you graduated or attended classes . Its is the earned units of subject you have taken for the previous semester as your records that you have completed the academic requirements . As for no grades appeared in TR , it means that you have not completed the minimum requirements for that particular subject and required attention to verify it in the registrar office. But if it appeared INC ( incomplete ) drop of failed you cannot anymore erased it from your TR because your instructor have submitted already their final grade. If you transfered from one school to another, TR is very important to submit it upon enrollment because it is the basis whether you are qualfied to push through your desired course orhow many units still left to finished the course. Better see the dean or proceed to the registrar office to evaluate your subject and grades. Good luck.

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  • TR = Post-Matriculation Transfer: courses completed at another academic institution after enrolling at the University.

  • Ask the office which issued the transcript.

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  • That’s a really good question, looking forward to reading the replies

  • my guess is that it means it is transfer credit. Is this for a class you took elsewhere?

  • transfer credit

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