What does two drink minimum mean??

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Most comedy clubs require this.

What is it?

Why do they have it?

And around how much does the cheapest drink go for?

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  • Two drink minimum means you have to buy at least two drinks while you are there. They have it to make money. You cant just come in and drink water, (or only one drink) you have to buy at least two drinks.

    The price would depend on where you are. Around the city I live, drinks cost about 3.50.

  • It kinda makes sense if the show is free, but I think it should be included in the ticket price tbh. Quite misleading for those who don’t know about this practice. Just went to a show that did not mention this requirement until after I had already purchased the tickets. I’d probably buy stuff anyway, but it would have been nice to know, as the drinks are about $6-7 each for beers. I assumed buying the tickets was the entry fee and I could buy whatever extra I want, like a concert or theatrical performance. I will always call the location from now on if it’s comedy to be sure, so I can plan for it, like ok this isn’t a $10 show, this is a $30 show.

  • a 2 drink minimum is basically a way to keep people spending money…basically to be in the club/bar you have to at least purchase 2 drinks…Its a great money maker for the bar because some people just come to dance and most places that have it don’t have a cover charge…The cost of the drinks can very it depends on the place…I can get a rum & coke for $5 at the local bar…but when I went to Jay-Z’s 40-40 club in Atlantic city.. A shot was $12 and a beer was $8

  • Often times a two drink min will be that you pay for two well drinks at the door and then get a couple of coupons for drinks that can be redemed. As to why they have it, the club makes most of its money off of people buying drinks and this way it assures them of a little money. As for the cheapest drink if it is the coupon method it does not matter but normally cheap beers on tap are the cheapest if not soft drinks.

  • If you get into the club free they require you to order at least 2 drinks to enjoy the show or activities inside. They may charge you to get in and require a two drink minimus also. Basically, everyone is trying to make profit or pay for it’s overhead (workers, lights, rent, etc.) by having some extra cushion (money). Depending upon where you live, beer may start out at 3.25 and mixed drinks may start at 4.25 all depending on what you are ordering and how much liquor is used in the drink. So….you will have to order at leasts 2 drinks, order a coke if you don’t drink, but you have to order something.

  • you have to purchase a minimum of two drinks – if they don’t require that they make you pay a cover charge – at least with a 2 drink minimum you are getting something for your money.

    Draft is the cheapest in any bar.

  • 2 drink minimum is enforced so you dont just water all night.They count on people spending money on the high prices drinks to make more money.Hard to say how much the cheapest drinks are but if you by 2 soft drinks it wont run you as much as say 2 mixed drinks or 2 beers,which are more high priced.

  • They don’t want people just going into the clubs without spending money. Drinks are normally around $3 where I am (around New Orleans)

  • as it says, the least you can drink is two, you are obliged to buy two drinks. Why they do it? to make money. And how much it all depends where you go but a beer is the cheapest usually.

  • A 2 drink minimum means that you have to drink at least 2 drinks while at the club. A 2 drink minimum is a way to help the club bring in the revenue to keep it running. I would say for a soda around $1.50 to $3.00, beer is around $2.00 to $5.00, mixed drink/shot is ussually around $3.75 to $11.00.

    Source(s): I go out and hit random clubs. every now and then.

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