What does “Vehicle Serviced” mean in Carfax Report?

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I checked a used vehicle through car fax and it has three dates in which the vehicle was serviced. It does not mention what was serviced, just says “Vehicle Serivced.” Is there any way of finding out what exactly was serviced or what it means?

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  • Vehicle Serviced means that at that time and mileage the car was in the shop, (most likely at a dealership, as the dealer records are the only ones usually available). This is good to see that the mileage is not altered, but it really tells little else. Depending on the make of the car, you may be able to have the service department at a dealer pull up the service history. This will show what work was done, if it was done at a dealership!

  • Vehicle Serviced

  • Most likely means that some kind of warranty work was done on the vehicle at a dealership. You can contact the manufacture or ask a service department (that services that make) what the warranty service history is for that VIN to get more information.

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    Doesn’t mean it was a minor accident, but it does mean that the vehicle was driveable and they drove it away from the accident. Functional in that context means able to drive, it functioned. That doesn’t mean it didn’t fall apart after it got off the road. And it could also mean it was just a fender bender with limited damage. If there was a report made, the damage to one of the vehicles was substantial enough to file a report.

  • it could be an oil change or anything – it just means they took the vehicle to a service facility

  • Be wary though it said the same for my camry after I sold it, I had it in bc the tranny was shuddering and they couldn’t replicate it. Ask why the vehicle was serviced and ask to see the documents.

  • Most likely it was routine maintenence, like an oil change or state inspection or something like that.

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