what does W/D available, W/W carpeting, sec. required, and avail 9/1 mean in apartment listings?

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  • W/D stands for washer and dryer – available would indicate one in the complex somewhere.

    W/W carpeting means wall-to-wall carpeting (not an area rug over a wood or other type floor)

    sec. required mean a Security deposit is required, varies from place to place, often a month’s rent.

    avail 9/1 means the apartment will be available for move in on September first, in this case.

  • W/D available means a washer and a dryer are arailable.

    W/W is wall to wall carpeting.

    Sec. required means a security disposit is required.

    Available 9/1 means available September 1

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  • Washer and Dryer available,

    Wall to Wall carpet

    Security Deposit required

    You can move in on Sept. 1.

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