what does(Devastated)mean?

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  • The word devastated means the following:

    –>Simple past tense and past participle of devastate.

    If you devastate something, you:

    *ruin many or all things over a large area, such as most or all buildings of a city, or cities of a region, or trees of a forest.

    *Destroy a whole collection of related ideas, beliefs, and strongly held opinions.

    *Break beyond recovery or repair so that the only options are abandonment or the clearing away of useless remains (if any) and starting over.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Devastated Definition

  • Devastated means to be totally and utterly destroyed.

  • devastated means really really really sad and heart-broken

    if you were devastated, there would be no way you could be sadder, basically

    and here’s a good site for looking words up: www.dictionary.com

  • dev⋅as⋅tate   [dev-uh-steyt] Show IPA

    –verb (used with object), -tat⋅ed, -tat⋅ing.

    1. to lay waste; render desolate: The invaders devastated the city.

    2. to overwhelm.

    Source(s): dictionary.com

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