What Dr. Seuss book has the world Kalamazoo in it? (That they rhymed it with another word?)?

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I recall that Seuss rhymed it with another word, and I’m thinking it was something like, “All the way to Kalamazoo.” Any ideas please?

5 Answers

  • Are you thinking of “I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew”


  • Dr Seuss Kalamazoo

  • I don’t remember what book, but in the musical, it goes: “’Twas the sour kangaroo and I followed you from New York all the way to Kalamazoo.” Which most people think Kalamazoo is a made up place. There’s a town in Michigan called Kalamazoo.

  • the book tittle is ”I Went To The Party In Kalamazoo”

  • The Cat in the Hat.



    (“) (“)

    I was the cat

    in the Hat.

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