What element is currently building up in the Sun’s core?

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What element is currently building up in the Sun’s core?

b. iron

c. uranium

d. carbon

e. helium

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  • While Hydrogen is being depleted to make Helium, when the conditions are correct, all the other elements up to Iron will be produced in the Sun. Elements heavier than Iron require more energy than is available in our sun and will only be produced if our sun goes nova. While all of the elements are present in our Sun, most of them are in such small quantities that they are very difficult to detect. The following is the top ten elements in our sun. Use a non-proportional font to line up the columns.

    Elements in the Sun

    Element % of total atoms % of total mass

    Hydrogen 91.2 71.0

    Helium 8.7 27.1

    Oxygen 0.078 0.97

    Carbon 0.043 0.40

    Nitrogen 0.0088 0.096

    Silicon 0.0045 0.099

    Magnesium 0.0038 0.076

    Neon 0.0035 0.058

    Iron 0.030 0.014

    Sulfur 0.015 0.040

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  • Helium is by far the most abundant element. Second to hydrogen, but oddly there isnt much hydrogen in our sun. But there is also a surprising amount of lithium in our sun. That’s something we’ve recently found, and are still trying to wrap our heads around. Most likely there was an additional planet in our solar system billions of years ago, that was a lithium gas giant, and something must have affected it’s orbit enough to drive it into our sun. Fascinating stuff.

  • Helium.

  • c

  • e

  • e.

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