What event in your life caused you to change your perspective?

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I’m curious about how other people’s experiences changes their perspective in life. I want to know what happened to you that changed how you look at life. This could be a death of a person close to you, a pet, or maybe even someone you had never met 3,000 miles away. It could be because of passing someone on the street, looking at the stars at night, doing something that was out of your comfort zone. It could be anything. Again I would like to know what changed you life, please include a brief description of the event(s).

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  • Several years ago I had an unusual experience concerning an uncle, a distant relative who lived over a thousand miles away.

    While driving my car I suddenly felt the unmistakable presence of this relative that I hardly even knew. He was more like someone I had heard about than someone I knew. It was very strange; it felt as though I was momentarily lifted right out of my physical body. I seemed to be suspended somehow beyond space and time, bathed in a love so intense It felt like I could have just disappear into it at any moment if It would have let me. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed to last forever at the same time. I realize how crazy this must sound. The experience was so strong that at first I was afraid I was loosing my grip on reality. I finally managed to chalk it up to an over active imagination.

    Three days later I got a call from my aunt telling me that this uncle we are talking about had gone into a coma and died the day I had the experience. It felt like ice water had been poured down my back when she told me this. I had lost any real ideas of God or faith and had become somewhat of an atheist. Needless to say this experience caused me to rethink some of the conclusions I had come to.

    I feel blessed to now understand that even in our darkest confusion something loves us so much that it went out of its way to assist me and bring me back to a state of absolute certainty about Gods love for us.

    During the experience it seemed like there was a vast amount of information that I was somehow allowed access to. One thing that I came away from this experience understanding beyond any shadow of a doubt was that any Idea that God is unhappy with us or would judge or allow us to be punished for any reason is simply impossible.

    I can’t explain the love I felt with words. They simply don’t make words big enough or complete enough to do this. The only way I can begin to convey this love to you is to say that there was simply nothing else there. Nothing but love. No hint of judgment, no displeasure of any sort. It is as though God sees us as being as perfect as we were the day we were created. It is only in our confused idea of ourselves that we seem to have changed.

    I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck. Love and blessings.

    Your brother don

  • Alright, I’ll bite. In college, I ended up in this program that sent me to China on a random archaeological expedition at the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. While I was in Beijing I met a guy in a bar and now I’m living with him 1000 miles away from anything I know or care about. You think is a troll answer, but it’s not. This kind of thing happens.

  • I was at a library looking around for books when I spotted the book “A dogs purpose.”

    For some reason that I still can’t explain, the word ‘purpose’ struck me like an arrow, and from then on I began to question the purpose of literally everything I came in contact, and everything I had. Why does this earth exist? Does everyone have some secret purpose, something of significance? Life is so insignificant according to human standards- why do we set our standards so high when the most important thing we should worry about- a life- is seemingly insignificant in and of itself? Is it because there’s more, something further, to be explored? Most importantly, what is MY purpose? Do i have one? Can i get one? If i get one, will that be purposeful ENOUGH for me?

    It bothered me enough to remember the title of the book, later made me read the book, and now its made me dive into everything from philsophy, to physics, to psychology, to religion.

    That REALLY changed my perspective on the meaning of life….as simple as it was, and is.

  • In my final year of high school ,our school captain gave a rather personal speech to the entire school at an assembly. I learnt that his father has passed away when he was painfully young. I learnt that a number of other fellow students had lost loved ones, particularly parents.

    My parents are still alive. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose one of them. And I don’t want to, either. I suppose I’ll learn one day. But some of my closest friends have already experienced this pain, and I just had no idea of what they were going through.

    I learnt, that day, that no matter how much you think you know about someone, you don’t know anything at all.

  • I think, While Focusing My Mind to the Everyday Events Around Me with My Personal Perspective, Which is Varies with the Others Actions ,Makes Me to Change My Perspective, Finally It Draws the QUESTIONS of the PERSPECTIVES ? Which are SWAYING in Between the JUDGEMENTS !

  • The thing that changed my perspective on life, happened a bit over 2 years ago. I broke up with my bf, because I was so stressed out at the time. I thought he wouldn’t give up on me, that he truly loved me after being together for one year and a half.. how naive I was 🙂 It was difficult, on him as well.. but after 6 months, it was just over and out.

    It hit me, you can be so tremendously close to someone, but one thing.. can just change that forever. That realisation is so hard to accept and heart breaking at the same time. Before I had met my ex, I was this happy girl.. I felt so good, so confident.. I had never felt so good.. and after the relationship, it felt as if a huge tsunami crashed over my life. I’m doing better, but I’d lie if I said there doesn’t go a day by that I don’t think about him :]

    That’s the reality and it’s difficult to cope with it.. some days it goes better, but then.. something happens and it takes me 3 steps back again. I’m so glad for my family and friends, they tell me to call them up if I am thinking about him and my friends make sure I have a good time by going out/ shopping.. but still, there’s this void inside me, which reappears as strong as ever at night.. I’m also scared to open up to someone, I’m social, I make friends.. but to see someone as a significant other? No thanks.. I think I’m still not ready to give my heart away again.. it’s too weak.

  • LSD. Honestly. The first time I took LSD it changed my outlook from grim to a more positive thinking. Understand I do not mean the next day after I was all positive but it did give me different more positive perspective on life. It became my springboard to a different way of thinking.

  • I learned I had mitochondrial disease (a terminal illness) when I was a junior in HS. Totally changed my perspective on life and now I am truly devoted to being happy 🙂

  • Yes, 10 days shy of my 14th birthday I witnessed part of the beating my father gave my mother which killed her. The Police came to our home in the wee hours of the morning and escorted me an my 5 siblings to a friends home. I was questioned by the police as a witness. The Priest came in to tell me my mother was gone. I had to tell my siblings this horrible news. We never went back to our home. We were sent to live with relatives we did not know and our Father went to Prison…

  • Being introduced to the wisdom of kabbalah TOTALLY revolutionized my understanding life.

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