What exactly does age first licensed mean?

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I’m applying for auto insurance I don’t really understand what this term means. Does it refer to a permit or a regular license? And also what is the point of the question?

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  • It means; At what age were you issued your first, regular drivers license (not your learners permit).

    They want to know how long you have been driving (How much driving experience you have). Like it or not, If you want insurance, you will have to answer all of their questions (Truthfully)

  • More exactly, they want to know how long is your driving history that they can check. For example, someone who had 2 accidents in 20 years, is lower risk than someone who had 2 accidents in 8 years.

  • exactly what it says … at what age did you receive your first license ?

  • I am extremely interested about the answer to this

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