What exactly is a house pour?

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I used to think that a house pour always consists of a type of alcohol (whiskey, gin, tequila, vodka) with any soda/mixer (coke, orange juice, red bull), like screwdriver and vodka coke or vodka and redbull. While cocktails like mojitos aren’t under house pour. Am I right?

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  • I have herd it refereed to in two ways. In the old days to save money the bartender used a short shot. Instead of getting a full 2 OZ. shot you would get 1.8 OZ. That does not sound like much but it could add up in a years time. But they do not do that any more. I have also herd it reefed to as the house brand usually a cheap brand of booze bought in bulk. When you order a drink unless you say a brand like Weller or Crown you get the house pour.

  • A house pour is the standard inexpensive stuff. If you ask for a certain brand that is a (call) it will cost you more. A house pour is not necessarily bad booze just the cheapest for them. And yes the fancy drinks are all ways made with the primo stuff as they are invented for them to sell it. Nuff said ?

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  • a house pour is cheap liquor sold as the good stuff.

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