What famous soccer players wear the number 12?

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name a few if u can.

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  • 12 is not a common number players like. The most famous one is Thierry Henry for France, but he wears 14 for Arsenal.

    No.12s at different clubs.

    Arsenal: Lauren

    Portsmouth: The Fans (that’s what it says on their website)

    Chelsea: Mikel John Obi

    Liverpool: Fabio Aurelio

    Many clubs have vacant number 12s.

  • Famous Number 12

  • There are many. Alan Shearer wore the nine at Newcastle. Torres plays in 9 at Liverpool and Spain, Crespo played in it, Ronaldo, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ian Rush etc, etc. It was traditionally the center forwards number – so hence the one who scored the goals. Rooney has played for England in the 9. The list would be large.

  • Thierry Henry From France

  • Roy Makaay once wore the number 12. Probably not as famous as Henry, but he dominates in the video games.


    national teams only

    Julio CESAR (Inter Milan)

  • henry from france

  • van bronkhorst

  • derek shearer

  • me

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