What food item accompanies almost every meal in Mexico?

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Wow, I have been trying to figure this out for like ever! And I can’t.

10 Answers

  • Beans and corn tortillas. They’re a breakfast, lunch and dinner staple of the region.

    My favorite breakfast is a Mexican tradition involving day old tortillas fried and served with eggs and beans.

  • Rice or Tortillas

  • beans and rice and tortillas

    almost every meal you will order at a mexican restuarant will come with beans, rice, and tortillas…

    Source(s): grandmother is mexican and i LOVE mexican food

    Tortillias, my friend Brandi is married to a mexican & even if she cooks american food, he still has tortillias stacked on his plate.

    Just like alot of american men like a few bread slices w/ their meal.

    Bread is an american staple, so i guess tortillias would be mexican’s food staple.

  • refried beans and spanish rice

  • beans and tortillas

  • beans, tortilla and sauce.

  • beans and corn

  • Co̫ςκroaches??????

    Ok, ok, beans?

  • tums!

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